The concept of advanced resources integration
As Canadian education service enterprise which is in the forefront education market , OMX, with its concept of advanced teaching resources integration, is proud of channel integration ability. OMX see their partners as the network of a node therefore, share the resources.

Pioneer of outsourcing teaching services
As part of the advanced education concept, OMX advocates the concept of teaching service outsourcing and provides corresponding service. Under the trend of social division of labor refinement, teaching service outsourcing will finally become the mainstream on the education market, and ultimately affect the competitiveness of the schools.

Rich resources of education institutions and channels in North America
OMX has rich resources of high quality education institutions cooperation in North America and these resources will bring schools new opportunities for business development. OMX, then sincerely hope that partners can benefit from these resources.

The unremitting pursuing and perfecting to service quality
OMX always considers service quality as the core of enterprise survival and development power, and will unswervingly continue to pursue and perfect the service, making sure to provide the best quality of education and information service for the partners.

Wholesome teaching quality management system
OMX have the impeccable teachers'' selection, training, research and development of teaching, feedback and tracking system and the system still constantly improve with the change of market.

Customized teaching services solutions
Customized teaching service from R&D team is to accurately understand and suit different needs of customers. More choices could be provided according to many years accumulation of huge amounts of teaching database.

Concept of win-win cooperation
OMX upholds the idea of western enterprise cooperation that mutual trust cooperation shares channel resources, expands the scope of business to each other and finally achieve win-win cooperation.