Education Services OMX Provides

The motto of OMX Language Services is “Creating Difference”. We emphasize the difference that our service can offer. Also we focus on profession and high quality of the service. Therefore, we are full of confidence of our language services.


OMX requires the employees to have keep-learning and positive working attitude. We believe that the enthusiasm for language teaching and research and development work itself will continuous impetus for the development of the team. OMX, which R&D team including from Canada, Britain, Australia and Chinese language teaching and psychology experts, has the world''s leading teaching and rich experience in teaching and research and development. They understand different customer English learning demands, and for customers with various English levels and the learning aims they tailor language service solutions, and constantly to collect feedback and supervise the teaching effect, to ensure the project''s implementation. The tailor language services can both be cost savings for the user and effectively ensure the quality of teaching, finally meet customer expectations.


Meanwhile, OMX has developed a stable and efficient system for advanced teachers'' selection and the life-long training mechanism. Experienced teaching experts, fully guaranteed the OMX''s teachers'' professionalism and knowledge update, in communication with R&D team, teaching team are fully understand and implement the teaching program planning. At the same time, it has teaching and learning feedback to ensure teaching plans fulfill the requirements of its clients, ensuring customer under the lowest costs to obtain the highest language services.


OMX Language Services sees teaching service quality as the company survival and development source power, and always adheres to the principles, making quality the advantage of core competitiveness on the market competition.