Choosing Outsourcing Partners

There are several important factors to consider before the schools determine teaching outsourcing:
1. The purposes
The purpose of outsourcing is not simply to entrust the project to other institutions, but as enterprise resource integration in order to put more focus on the advantage of the enterprise and its core projects.
2. The cost
Teaching outsourcing will gradually decrease teaching operating costs over a period of time, but it is not the most important reason to come to outsourcing. The teaching quality assurance and business development impact on the long-term development of the school.
3. The control
Outsourcing is the social division of labor in operation strategic level. However, during the operation, the school still needs to supervise and control the project quality and constantly communicate with the service providers, to ensure that the outsourcing is on the right track.

Choosing the partner

When choosing the outsourcing partner,
1. it is very important that Both benefit and demand fit because the outsourcing is the cooperation in the strategic level.
2. Service competence is the key to outsourcing. Providers should be profession and have the ability to customized solutions according to the customers’ demand.
3. Additional channels of outsourcing providers could be an additional resources, more development opportunities could be brought to the enterprise during to cooperation.
4. Professional services and win-win cooperation consciousness will also have an important impact on the cooperation.