Cambridge MSE-FCE


Show students are making real progress in English
Cambridge English: First for Schools is specifically designed to motivate schoo-aged learners.  It shows that when students leave school, they are ready to:
    Study in English at foundation or pathway level
    Work in an English-speaking environment
    Live independently in an English-speaking country


Real everyday language skills
The exam shows students can:
    Express views, feelings and opinions effectively in writing and give reasons
    Find relevant information in texts
    Identify the expression of feelings and attitudes and ask for factual information and understand the answer
    Keep up conversations on familiar topics.


An internationally accepted certificate
Student receive the same certificate as adults that take the Cambridge English: First exam.
This certificate is accepted by thousands of leading businesses and educational institutions worldwide.


What level is the exam?
The exam focuses on Level B2 of the Common  European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)- an upper-intermediate level of English.

What’s in the exam?
The exam is designed to be fair to people of all nationalities and linguistic backgrounds and is supported by a dedicated research programme.
It covers all four language skills (Reading, Writing Listening and Speaking) and knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.


Each paper is worth 20% of the total marks.