Intercollegiate Exchange



Intercollegiate projects can be in the forms of mutual recognition and credit transfer, join training, 2+2, 3+1. International colleges and universities cooperation can be integrated on both sides of the advantage resources; increasing the permeability of both sides between the education system, saving the cost of teaching and helping integrity of cooperation and coordination. International colleges and universities cooperation not only helps to enrich the diversity of teaching activities, and more importantly, it can provide some development projects with more abundant resources and create a good condition. International cooperation between the colleges and universities is not just to add the resources together, but to create an open atmosphere that can aggregate effects of partner schools in some areas, therefore gain market competition advantage.


Intercollegiate cooperation project for students to learn more subjects, access to advanced concepts and quality and efficient education services, at the same time, they can obtain the degree and professional certification, increasing the competitiveness of students when apply for a job after graduation or for further study. Various forms of international colleges and universities cooperation would suit different market demand and provide more targeted education products. Differentiation of educational product will becomes the core advantages of partner schools. It is a trend of diversification of education development under the promotion of the advancement of educational industrialization. Thanks to the globalization, more and more western colleges and universities enter to The Chinese market. But it also makes a lot of informal schools and programs flood into China. Many education institutions abandon the moral in order to pursue economic benefits, which disturb the educational market, and it also affects the international cooperative education project''''s public image. The international institutions of cooperation should be based on both sides of mutual understanding and trust each other.


Professional agent provides the information about the comprehensive strength of the partners in their respective countries, industrial ranking,social credibility and the requirements of the cooperation. This can help the both sides fully understand each other and reduce the blindness of cooperation. Professional agency resources integration plan and coordinating role of the first step will lead to a mutually beneficial cooperation.